"Our eyes and hands and feet will give us the same assistance in doing mischief as in doing good; but it would not therefore be better for the world, that all mankind were blind and lame.  Arms are not to be laid aside by honest men, because carried by assassins and ruffians; they are to be used the rather for this very reason."
-George Campbell (1719-1796)

His Bigness...

Let me tell you a bit about myself... I am a Production Engineer for Boeing, currently working on rotorcraft at the Philadelphia facility after a stint making airframes for the Apache "D" model. I like to shoot and am a 2nd Amendment activist. I play golf (one of only two things a man can enjoy without being any good at) and enjoy street and strip muscle cars and drag racing in general.
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Bigness Brand Custom Calculators...  

Here are a couple of Excel spreadsheets I put together. I hope you will find them as handy as I do.

Reloading Cost Calculator
Enter component costs and quantities and the calculator spits out cost each, per box of 20, per box of 50 and per 1000. It also gives loads per pound for your powder charge.
Chrony Calculator
Enter bullet speed for your latest load and the calculator will provide high, low and average speeds, extreme spread and standard deviation. Handles strings from 2 to 20 shots.
Front Sight Height Calculator
Enter sight radius, sight in distance and the difference of point of aim and point of impact and the calculator will compute the required change in front sight height to get you in the black.


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His Bigness Recommends...

National Rifle Association
The NRA is simply THE organization fighting for gun owners rights and the Second Amendment. If you own a firearm... or think that someday you might want to, you need to join the NRA.
The PSA Shootout
6 stages of 25-30 falling steel targets. Shoot 'em till they drop. An annual event hosted by the Palmyra Sportsmen's Association, the PSA is too much fun not to attend. Shooters talents will range from Nationally Ranked to just plain rank. Come on out and give it a try.
The PA Steel League
Steel plate shooting is a hoot! This is a drag racing event. At the buzzer tone draw and shoot 5 steel plates. The shooters are all friendly and helpful. A beginner will find plenty of folks to help them fit right in. Bang and clang!
Dedicated to the black rifle, this web site has the information you want, or a handy link to it. Check out the discussion forums for interaction with like minded individuals
Cast Boolits
Casting and shooting your own projectiles adds another twist to your shooting hobby. This is the best cast bullet site on the net. Lots of knowledgeable folks more than willing to share with the new guy.
Golf Online
My favorite online golf magazine.
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Contact Information

His Bigness invites your personal messages...


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Last revised: December 23, 2006.